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Splitter silencers

3 mei, 2024

Large rectangular splitter silencers from TIO?? Indeed we specialise in pipes, round circular silencers and box type generator exhaust silencers. Splitter silencers requests are commonly happily forwarded to some of our well known light material specialised friends. Nevertheless we now and them manufacture some very nice heavy duty splitter silencers. Check out this approx 2x2x2 meter unit including rectangular to circular transition piece, inspection port and removable bird screen. Handling and silencing over 40 m3/s of fanned air somewhere in the Europoort. Europort is an area of the Port of Rotterdam and one of the world’s busiest ports and considered a major entry to Europe.  The Europoort area is heavily industrialised with petrochemical refineries and storage tanks, bulk iron ore and coal handling as well as container and new motor vehicle terminals. Well, a very nice piece of silencer manufacturing work! Contact our engineers if you need some heavy duty silencing!