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Datacenter emergency power

26 apr, 2024

At the moment the market for datacenters and related datacenter emergency power systems is huge, not to say extreme. The datacenter market size was valued around USD 300 billion in 2023 with an expected growth to way over 400 billion in 2030. Huge figures. The data center market has become a critical industry segment providing and managing the physical infrastructure for hosting and operating IT systems, servers, storage, and network equipment. Being so critical, in these datacenters ultimately secured and redundant emergency power systems are being installed to secure the power supply in all circumstances. These high standard systems need high standard exhaust aftertreatment  but also silencers to meet the local noise requirements. Already for many years TIO supplies silencers and exhausts for datacenters all over the world. Ready for transport to Greece:  5 large combined silencers DN550 for a total of 12.5 MW emergency power. The scope is complete with inlet manifolds, silencers, pre-installed thermal insulation and stainless steel supports. Ready to install! A silent cloud… Made in Holland!