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Gas engine power generation

29 apr, 2021

We consider gas engine power generation a very suitable and more important one of the cleanest options at this particular moment  in the energy transition period towards a ‘full renewable’ status.  Like already stated in our newsflash in July 2020. The systems that are being installed nowadays are equipped with oxikats and/or SCR systems and/or other filters that minimize pollutions. The exhaust heat is commonly used in several stages resulting in vey high efficiencies. Compare this to the optional biomass installations. We even do not speak about the wood that is being chopped to fire those systems. For a 4 engine,  total  10MW powersystem, with catalysts, we had the honour to supply 4 beautiful vertical  silencers. Made in high strength materials for extensive loads and with top inlet and bottomside outlet.  They will be installed far away from the Netherlands. Nice!!