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24 Feb, 2023

Our share in the market for blow off silencers, for pressurised noise control and diffuser silencers keeps growing and growing. This is mainly driven by the constant supply of great acoustic solutions to a broad range of clients combined with the required know how and manufacturing capabilities regarding these pressurised applications.  Just read this newsflash from 2021 which summarises it all. We very recently supplied the first of 2 additional diffusers for the two DN1100 steam blow-off chimney silencers that we supplied in 2016 to a large chemical plant in the south of the Netherlands. These silencers were already executed with a blinded secundary DN300 inlet connection for future expansion. The future is now! We have just supplied the first new diffuser suitable for a designpressure of 10 bar(g) with all required PED/NOBO involvement, documentation  and of course CE marking. Contact our engineers if you have noisy vent or pressure lines!