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History in blow off noise

22 Jan, 2024

TIO has a long history in blow off noise applications. Last week we had the pleasure to witness two great examples still in operation after 50 years. Yes indeed you read this well. After 50 years! The silencer design drawings are still present and dated 1971. The silencers have a royal stamped installation date of 02-03-’72 on their nameplates. Those days the TIO office was still located in the ‘White House’ in the center of Rotterdam while the manufacturing department was already located in Krimpen a/d IJssel, where we are still today. While checking all data – the silencers were designed for 3.2 bar(g) pressure –  we can conclude that the silencer specs of 1971 still meet todays PED directive 2014/68/EU requirements. Nowadays, blow off and pressurised silencers, with or without PED, form a considerable part of our turnover. Contact our engineers if you have noisy blow offs or ducts coming from your compressor in- or outlet radiating way too much noise!