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Final days of 2023

21 dec, 2023

The final days of 2023 are there.  That time of the year again!  Everybody still running and getting crazy. Stressed. Be cool and embrace your inner kiddo!  Just look at the kids on the pics full of energy and positivity! Stay new, stay fresh, be challenged. Keep moving, like we do with our very cool new robot weld machine! Summarizing  2023, we have had a very busy year with again some awesome projects in the broadest range of markets. Check out the collage: we supplied silencers and after treatment systems for the largest superyachts, we silenced compressors, air and steam blow-off systems, watertreatment installations, cement unloaders,  peak shift energy stations, cogeneration plants, large factory fan systems, datacenters etc, etc! This is only possible together with our loyal range of contacts, suppliers, clients and friends. The TIO and TIO Yacht Exhaust Systems team hereby thank you all for last year’ s support, partnership and great cooperation.  Be nice to each other in 2024! Happy Xmas days!