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6 apr, 2020

Last months the world was turned upside down by the Covid-19 virus and ‘Corona news’ rules the media. However we see a small slow progress all over Europe and further now, this situation will certainly not change much at short notice. Below you find a short TIO and TIO YES update.

Since the very first start, we follow the Dutch governmental guidelines which can be characterized as ‘intelligent lockdown’. We were and are very lucky not to have any severe, hospitalized sick colleagues due to the virus. We do all to keep it that way. Businesswise we were also very lucky that we have not been forced to fully close the company. Nevertheless all related internal measures and precautions caused a severely lowered production capacity in March and half of April. At this moment we are back to full capacity and nearly all delays are eliminated. These are times of difficult considerations and difficult decisions still until today but also tomorrow. We thank all our colleagues, clients and suppliers for their great efforts and support.

These times challenges us all to find balance in both our personal and business lives. We look forward to normal times where we can have personal contact again, shake your hands or give you a hug. We wish you strength, health, and wisdom in these difficult times.

Stay safe!