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Cogeneration (future)

4 jun, 2022

At this moment the cogeneration market is a large international market. Even despite the latest gas crises. But how will this be in the nearest and further future?  Of course we should all strive for 100% renewable sources. But in our opinion, 100% renewable sources cannot be fully covering worlds power needs, at least not at the moment nor in the nearest future. Optimised cogeneration can operate flexibly and efficiently when and where needed, especially at times of peak demand by heat pumps and electrical vehicles and insufficient wind and sun generation. When  oxicats and/or SCR systems are being installed in the exhaust system, cogeneration systems can be a very clean and cost effective solution or add-on. More on cogeneration in 2050 can be found here. End of May we supplied 10 superbe exhausts in DN300, DN400 and DN450 for a total of 15MW international cogeneration power! Top!