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The highly efficient TIO BV spark arrester type VKV can be installed in all kinds of exhausts in hazardous areas where fire precaution prevails such as: tankers, off shore platforms, refineries, petrochemical installations etc. The operation of the spark arrester is based on the centrifugal system. The gases are forced into a rotary movement by means of a fixed number of blades. The carbon particles in de gases are thrown against the wall of the spark arrester and collected on the soot box. For good working of the spark arrester, it is important to take off the cap at regular intervals, so the soot particles in this collector can be removed. It is advisable to take off the cap already when installing the spark arrester and to connect a soot pipe tot the collector, so the soot particles can be collected at a lower and usually more accessible place. TIO spark arresters can be combined with all TIO silencers; it is also possible to have a TIO BV silencer with a built-in spark arrester.

TIO spark arresters have a DNV certification (and meet the requirements of PTB - GL - NSI - etc.)


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