TIO has developed the broadest range of silencers designed to meet the requirements of every kind of application. We design and manufacture standard silencers for general purpose applications and custom models to suit your specific needs. Our standard silencers are manufactured in S235 (St37.2) carbon steel. Our standard range can vary from very small absortion silencers, like type HD to ultracompact combined silencers for critical noise demands, like type SDAD. On demand we can execute our standard silencers with radial in- and outlets, supports, etc. All standard silencers can be executed with a built-in spark arrester.
A summary:

  1. Resonance silencers type SDHC, SCS
  2. Absorption silencers type HD, HDD, OS
  3. Combined silencers SAD, LSAD, DAD, SDAD
  4. Silencers with integrated spark arrester
    (addition V in the type like f.e. type VHD)

In the datasheets you will find all details of the applicable silencers.