With 80 years experience and knowledge of the industry, our people are extremely well qualified to advise and inform you the right design for your application. Our engineering team combines this experience with leading edge technologies to provide you with accurate drawings and calculations for even the most complex projects. Our automated calculation, design, sales and order processes enable us to provide you with an adequate standard or custom solution, a quotation and 2D and 3D dimensional drawings in minutes rather than hours or days. We have a large stock in raw materials S235, Corten, SS304 and SS316 which enables us to extremely reduce delivery times when required. Our certified welders are ready to start on your silencer!
Our service is not limited to the manufacturing and supply of silencers. Our engineers advise you how to install your silencers and exhaust pipes, free of vibrations, taking thermal expansion into consideration. We can provide calculations for noise emissions, back pressures, gas velocities, water injected systems, wind loads, external insulations, and advise you the best choice of material. We furthermore provide noise measurements and reports, and pressure equipment calculations, for example according to PED or ASME rules.