Dec 12, 2018
Let’ s go outside: TIO site visits

Did you know that TIO site visits are regulary done to a broad range of clients and their projects for on-site exhaust system and noise control advice? Besides enjoying the always interesting technical practice and sometimes spectacular installations as we see on the picture we, among others, execute noise measurements, temperature measurements, silencer inspections and exhaust system reviews and advice. We believe that our decades of on-site experience make the difference. Just a small selection of recent visits: a used oil and fat processing company creating bio-fuel, several visits in >100m long superyacht enginerooms,  waste water treatment plants, several greenhouses, a large biogas powered cogeneration plant in France and the Jenbacher 624 gasengine powered plant on the picture providing local energy to a French community. In the back on the left side you may notice our large DN800 combined exhaust silencer, neatly insulated by the local installers. We operate all over Europe and beyond in the Dutch, English, German or French language.  Industrial noise specialists since 1934!