mei 17, 2019
Exhaust material

The choice of the exhaust material is one of the major subjects which determine in the end the lifetime of your exhaust system and silencer. The right choice depends on several factors. Do you need the very, very best in quality? Or do you need the commercial best? This is already a first and very difficult question. Then you have all the requirements and properties that needs to be taken into account. Just a shortlist: Exhaust gas or media composition and temperature, internal pressure, external forces like windloads, ambient conditions, weldability, visual aspects, etc. Due to our very long history and experience that we have in the engineering and manufacturing of exhausts, we can supply the best advice. Our exhaust systems and silencers are used in a broad range of markets and applications like gas- and dieselengines, sea water injected exhaust systems, urea injected systems, compressors, fans, on petrochemical plants, as chimney silencers and as pressurised silencers. We manufacture regularly in S235, P265, Corten, 15Mo3, SS304, SS316, SS310, SS904L, 254SMO but several other materials were used projectwise in the past. Contact us here if you need exhaust material advice!