We are committed to engineering excellence combined with the TIO BV ‘Fit for Purpose‘ approach: we design, manufacture and supply the exact right silencer, on the exact right time, meeting all your specific needs, regardless of shape, size or complexity, from a cylindrical to a box-type silencer, from a single component to a turn-key delivery including all required accessories. Acoustical excellence, client and company continuity, service and quality are leading, making us the best silencer manufacturer!

We combine the above with awareness for sustainability on all levels of our organisation. The environment and sustainability are key items in both our acoustic specialism and our organisation. With our expertise we are keen to contribute to a ‘silent’ world that takes responsibility for the next generations.

Our mission is not to become the most sustainable company in the world. However, we want to find sustainable and durable solutions for all daily internal and external company questions with respect for man, environment and community. Since the end of 2010, TIO BV is an Envirometer company.