Feb 23, 2018
Cogeneration exhaust experts

Already for many decades TIO BV is the cogeneration exhaust expert. We supply direct to most major global cogeneration engine manufacturers and indirect to a wide range of engine distributers, installers and end users. Our exhaust silencers are installed on cogeneration installations from Russia to Canada; from the USA to Estonia, South America, Asia and all over Europe until, most common the latest years, the 10MW gasengine range. Rightly so our silencers are used on several engine manufacturers test beds. Our scope is not limited to the exhaust silencer itself: we also supply oxycats, compensators, stainless steel outlets, antivibration mounts, gaskets and other mounting material and pre-installed thermal insulations. Not to mention our noise and backpressure engineering expertise, free of charge for our clients. On the pic above: the very recent loading of another great project in France. Contact us for your silent and efficient cogeneration exhaust system!