Apr 24, 2019
Blow-off noise

Blow-off noise is a common problem in any ducting system where often high pressure safety valves or pressure relieve valves are installed. These units create the highest possible noise levels when they open up; for instance sound power levels may occur up to 150 to 160 dB(A)! A proper blow-off silencer is not a luxury product here.  For blow-off noise silencers a standard silencer solution is almost never possible due to the noise data, pressure, often special media and temperatures. TIO BV has developed the MTHDS blow-off silencer models and it’ s custom adaptations which are being applied worldwide for decades. Clients vary from large chemical multinationals, air treatment companies to compressor manufacturers. The silencers on the picture are supplied as a serial product to one of the world’ s leading compressor manufacturers. Do you have a blow-off noise issue? Contact our specialists!